Thermal Insulation

Our highly-engineered materials provide a competitive alternative to traditional thermal insulation products. Our cotton and jute products provide thermal insulation equal to, or better than, molded, vacuum-formed, or extruding polystyrene products. In addition, unlike polystyrenes, our products are made of natural fibers and completely recyclable.

Our environmentally-friendly fiber blends are ideal for temperature-sensitive thermal insulation applications. A proprietary blend of raw materials ensures minimal temperature variation over time, both for fixed installations and packaging products.

Common Applications

  • Insulation for wall cavities.

  • Insulation for temperature sensitive packaging.

  • Insulation for floor/ceiling joists.

Product Advantages

  • Safe, formaldehyde-free formulation.

  • Creates excellent insulation properties with minimal thermal conductivity to ensure minimal temperature variation over time.

  • Soft, flexible fiber construction permits easy adaptation to different shapes, sizes, densities.

  • Environmentally-friendly post-consumer and post-industrial raw materials allow for recycling at end of product life.

  • Customization to meet specific customer thermal needs can be achieved through an infinite variety of fiber blend combinations.