Bedding & Foam Replacement

A specialized nonwoven fiber material produced by using select staple fibers and our proprietary production process. Specific ILD and compression-recovery values can be engineered to meet customer requirements. Excellent replacement for foam and/or springs.

Common Applications

  • Mattress cores, rails, and toppers.

  • Institutional bedding.

  • Outdoor furniture cushion inserts.

  • Seat cushions.

  • Dog beds.

  • Foam replacement.

Product Advantages

  • Cost saving over urethane foam, springs, and other traditional materials.

  • Environmentally friendly due to locally sourced , post-industrial recycled raw materials.

  • Products can be highly engineered to achieve specific ILD and compression recovery values.

  • FR-treated to reduce combustibility vs. urethane foam and while remaining compliant with CA117 test method.

  • Greater ILD and stiffness values can be achieved to increase springback and enhance lifespan.