Industrial & Construction

Our new flexible, thermal-acoustic insulation solution offers superior installation ease & handling comfort when compared to traditional cavity insulation products while maintaining equivalent thermal performance.  It is manufactured from polyester (PET) fibers, which are the same fibers used extensively in clothing and bedding.  Through careful fiber selection and a fine-tuned proprietary manufacturing process, our fiberglass-free insulation has been engineered to have a soft, no-itch feel while maintaining product flexibility and durability while delivering specified thermal insulation functionality.

Common Applications

  • Insulation for wall cavities & floor/ceiling joists.

  • Spacer/Drainage Layer for roofing & foundations.

Product Advantages

  • Safe, formaldehyde-free formulation.

  • Superior handling and handling vs. fiberglass. Installation-friendly PET fibers require no hand or eye protection.

  • Engineered to have equivalent, if not superior, thermal and acoustic performance when compared to traditional insulation.

  • Environmentally friendly - contains locally-sourced post-consumer or post-industrial content, and can be recycled at end of product life.

  • More rigid than traditional fiberglass, which allows for better handling and mobility of parts.