World Class Production Equipment

Our modern equipment provides the following advantages:

  • Superior web-formation, fiber distribution, and weight control vs. competitive products.

  • Computer-controlled and monitored process, ensuring reliable high quality and repeatability.

  • Broad production capabilities and product selection using virgin and recycled of both natural and synthetic raw materials.

  • The ability to fine-tune and adjust parameters to create specialized products with tight property tolerances.

Process Capabilities

  • Air laid web formation, with product weights ranging from 200gsm to over 5000gsm.

  • Product widths up to 2.8m (110”).

  • Thermal bonding oven with thicknesses from 5 to 200mm.

  • Inline laminates and/or heat-treated top and bottom surfaces ("skins").

  • Roll goods, sheet goods, competitively outsourced diecut parts, and in-house assembly.