Acoustical Insulation

Specialty nonwoven fiber materials engineered to provide optimal acoustic performance at the lowest weight and cost. Carolina Nonwovens’ proprietary process combines a high percentage or recycled fiber content with fine-denier synthetic and/or natural fibers.

Common Applications

  • Automotive and appliance insulators.

  • Ceiling tiles, baffles, and general acoustical insulators.

  • Fiberglass and acoustical foam replacement.

  • Office partitions.

Product Advantages

  • Highly engineered and tunable acoustic performance, with and without high-tech acoustical “facings."

  • Ability to achieve and maintain greater thicknesses at lighter weights than competitive melt blown, spunbond, and cross-lapped products. Also able to maintain tighter weight control than many competitive technologies.

  • Special flame retardant formulation can meet UL94 V(0) requirements – 5000 Series.

  • Highly technical process yields consistent & repeatable performance in downstream processes.

  • Able to obtain better Z direction fiber orientation for better adhesion to laminates.